The Uses Of Palm Fronds


The Man Who Saw God Face To Face
Raphael Okechukwu Nweze

The Great Benefits OF Palm Fronds
         The palm tree is a very useful plant. It is so precious that no part of it is a waste. Every part is in one way or the other very useful. The palm frond provides the following benefits:
  1. It symbolizes life and victory. Hence, the book of Revelation records that the uncountable multitudes in heaven, that are saved from all tribes and languages, were seen standing in the presence of God and His lamb rejoicing and praising God, with palm branches in their hands. The palm frond means everlasting life and permanent victory over evil.

  2. Physically, you can break the frond with your fingers. But spiritually, it is the strongest rope. That is why those who are spiritually enlightened and talented use it for cordoning off evil spirits and black energies.

  3. The palm frond is used in cleansing a person so as to make him clean, pure and original as God made him. You cleanse a person by beating him all over the body with seven palm fronds. You start from the head, neck and shoulder, chest, and downwards. Strike him with the palm fronds as you continue to move round and round the person.

  4. The fronds are used to deliver a person from death. You can do this by beating the person all over his body with palm fronds. Another way is to tie the person as follows:
  5. The fronds are used to lift a person out of the pit of death by asking the person to stand on the palm fronds. After your prayers for the personís deliverance, tie the seven fronds into a knot. In this way, you separate the person from the pit of death and obstacles.

  6. Where a sword is needed for spiritual work, and the sword is not available, you can use the palm frond as a sword by holding it in your hand the way you hold a sword.

  7. To intensify the power of holy water, put three or seven palm fronds inside the water.

  8. Where the forces of darkness are too strong or very hard, put the heads (not the tips) of the palm fronds into the holy water before or as you use the water.

  9. After making the blood of Jesus, to turn the blood of Jesus into many sharp two-edged swords, put seven palm fronds inside the blood before or when you sprinkle it.

  10. An enemy may use rope to tie somebody, spiritually, in order to put the person in bondage frustrations. To set the person free, tie the palm fronds in the way the enemy has done. If only his legs are tied together, use the palm fronds to tie only his legs. If it is only his hands that are tied, tie only his hands. Then pray. After the prayer, cut the frond rope, to set the person free.

  11. To keep people away from a place, cordon off the area with a rope made by joining palm fronds.

  12. To magnify (increase, multiply) the praises of God, cut and hold branches of trees or palm trees in your hands as you rejoice, dance and praise God.

  13. In prophecy, palm tree or its branch signifies usefulness. Thus, if a palm tree is seen inside a compound or house, it means that all the members of the household shall be successful and prosperous in life.